Hello, Barrow!

Early this morning we took another flight to Barrow, Alaska.  Our collaborators, Hajo and Marc, joined us.  The flight was beautiful!  I’m going to let Christian tell you more about it…

Today we collected and unpacked our gear.  We have 4 huge shipping boxes of stuff.  We will be taking some of it out on the ice with us.  Other stuff is left in the lab (plugged in, for instance, charging overnight).  Still more (clothes) are here in the hotel with us.

Here is our hotel in Barrow.  It is great to have a warm shower and comfortable bed!  It is 2 hours earlier here than it is in Salt Lake City.  It is 1:13 am at my home, and 11:13pm here.  I might not be sleepy in Barrow, but I am in SLC, so I am going to sign off for the night and catch a little shut eye before we get up to start our first day on the ice.

Welcome to the Ukpik Nest!


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