Penguin parents at Cape Royds

Penguins!  One of the most comical, enjoyable birds to watch, make their wild home in Antarctica.  We thoroughly enjoyed being able to see the Adele penguin rookery at Cape Royds, thanks to Antarctic New Zealand’s ‘fam’ (familiarization) trip.  What a wonderful gift!  The penguins are just as comical, entertaining, and delightful as you have probably all seen on TV.  My three most significant observations.  (1) (you can’t miss this)  Penguins stink. They do not sort of smell funny. They stink.  I guess it is years of pooping in the same place and no rain to wash it away.  Phew!  (2)  A rookery of penguins sound like they are GIGGLING! It is the most delightful, pleasant, happy sound.  Listen to some of our videos to hear them in action.  And (3) Penguins make their nests of love stones, or so I have heard them called, on bare frozen ground.  There is generally a central nest, the most popular gal on the block I guess, surrounded by several of her girl friends in a circle.  It is definitely a ‘gaggle of giggly girls’ =)

High on the cliffs above the rookery, we could watch and enjoy these awesome, engaging birds.

To see more pictures and videos of our penguins, and the skuas that feast on them, click HERE.


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