Edmund Hillary had Moxie

Moxie is a cola-like beverage from my home state of Maine.  It stands for all of the wild, gutsy things people with moxie do!  It’s a pretty macho drink, and mostly it is guys who like it.  My dad said it would put hair on your chest, and I believe that is true.

Sir Edmund Hillary had Moxie when he started Scott Base and moved into Antarctica as if humans could live and work there in relative comfort and safety.  An experienced and well organized mountaineer, Hillary was the right man for the job.  It was fun to tour the start of Scott Base, Hillary’s Hut, now ensconced for preservation in the Kiwi green.  This old base now serves as the emergency ‘last resort’ in the event Scott Base suffers a fire.

The little building on the left houses the orignal Scott Base hut.

This is one of Edmund Hillary's original ice axes. He is happily driving his favorite tractor, forever remembered in the Scott Base sun room.

For more pictures of the Hillary Hut, click HERE.

For more pictures of Scott Base today, click HERE.

The board game of Polar Exploration, in Hillary's hut. How cool is that?!


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